Hier geht's zur deutschen Version dieses Posts Back home in Germany, I never cared too much for Lebkuchen. They are one of the Christmas goodies that show up earlier and earlier in stores, and I hate being reminded of the cold and darkness of winter, when we still have a gorgeous late summer (and snow … Continue reading LEBKUCHEN – GERMAN SPICE COOKIES


 The "Scrumptuous Scones for Hurried People" from the "Weekend Baker" was Hanaâ's Avid Bakers' Challenge for May.  Abby Dodge, the "Weekend Baker", has a heart for people in a hurry who need to whip up a batch of pastry without much ado, perhaps because their beloved in-laws pay a surprise visit, or hubby brings his … Continue reading SCRUMPTOUS SCONES FOR HURRIED PEOPLE

"Hazel" and "Little Nut" Are Growing – "Hasel" und "Nüsschen" wachsen

HazelLittle NutIn 2008 I stuck some fresh hazelnuts in the ground at different places in our yard. I also gave some to our friend Tamara for her gorgeous garden. In spring 2009 I checked for weeks the planting sites, but nothing showed, only some more weeds. I don't bother too much about those, and when … Continue reading "Hazel" and "Little Nut" Are Growing – "Hasel" und "Nüsschen" wachsen


Looking for a birthday cake for my smart and pretty, but lactose intolerant stepdaughter, I leafed through my German and Austrian pastry baking books. Nearly every one of those gorgeous torte recipes listed whipping cream as main ingredient.The solution to this problem? Here it comes: chocolate lover's dream and almost lactose free - Nougat Torte … Continue reading NOUGAT TORTE