Gluten-Free Baking – Gluteinfreies Backen

I had a visit by a rep from my wholesaler, Downeast Food Distributors, who left a sample of a new gluten free bake mix to test some bread and pastry recipes. It consists of a mixture of rice flour, potato starch, sugar, salt and 5 different gums plus methylcellulose. This chemical array is necessary to … Continue reading Gluten-Free Baking – Gluteinfreies Backen


Last week I had bad baking karma. On Monday I wanted to make Broetchen, a deceptively simple, crispy, white roll, as German as baguettes are French. After several trials that never yielded the soft, fluffy, "pull-out" crumb typical for Broetchen I finally got it right with Italian 00 flour (from "Micucci" in Portland). But would … Continue reading DOG APPROVED – MIT HUNDE-GUETESIEGEL


KUCHEN170 g Butter, weich454 g Rhabarber, sehr schraeg in ca. 1.5 cm dicke Stuecke geschnitten250 g Zucker135 g Weizenmehl Typ 405 50 g Vollkornweizenmehl 7 g Backpulver (1 1/2 TL) 1 Prise Salz0,5 TL abgeriebene Orangenschale 1 EL Grand Marnier (oder Orangensaft) 2 Eier235 g Saure Sahne (1 Tasse) STREUSEL57 g Butter, geschmolzen (4 EL)60 … Continue reading RHABARBER-UPSIDE-DOWN-KUCHEN