Nobody in Germany thinks of baking regular, plain white rolls at home. You get them freshly baked everywhere, in bakeries, supermarkets, and even in gas stations. Every German region has them, called "Rundstück" in Hamburg, "Schrippe" in Berlin, "Semmel" in Munich, or simply "Brötchen" (= little bread). The typical Brötchen has a crackly crisp crust … Continue reading WEIZENBRÖTCHEN – GERMAN EVERYDAY ROLLS

Vinschgauer Bread – Vinschgauer Brot

On a trip to South Tyrol (a border area between Austria and Italy) as a student, I first tasted a sample of the spicy rye breads typical for the region. Hiking up the mountains to a "Huette" (a small rustic inn) we were served Vinschgauer Paarlen with homemade butter and smoked ham (Suedtiroler Speck). The … Continue reading Vinschgauer Bread – Vinschgauer Brot

They’ve Killed The Croissants! – Sie haben die Croissants ermordet!

In Quebec the one thing I'm always really looking forward to is, of course, French cuisine. For Francesca's graduation in Montreal we put up in a fairly nice hotel near campus, and went down for breakfast with pleasant expectations. Heading straight for the croissants I noticed their lack of crispness, cold and tired they were … Continue reading They’ve Killed The Croissants! – Sie haben die Croissants ermordet!