Hier geht's zur deutschen Version dieses Posts (folgt noch)Nuts are my favorite snack, when I'm starting to get hungry, and try to stay away from our little hoard of German chocolate bars (no, not that kind, I mean the real thing: Ritter Sport!)I remember my mother coming home from her gynecologist's office, always grabbing some … Continue reading PECAN OR HAZELNUT ROLLS


Ring shaped sesame simit is very common bread in Turkey, as well as in other Middle Eastern countries and the Balkans. It comes in larger and smaller sizes, and, also varies in crunchiness and chewiness, depending on the region. Some are softer, made with apple syrup and olive oil, and some are crisp and lean.After … Continue reading SIMIT – TURKISH SESAME BREAD


Nobody in Germany thinks of baking regular, plain white rolls at home. You get them freshly baked everywhere, in bakeries, supermarkets, and even in gas stations. Every German region has them, called "Rundstück" in Hamburg, "Schrippe" in Berlin, "Semmel" in Munich, or simply "Brötchen" (= little bread). The typical Brötchen has a crackly crisp crust … Continue reading WEIZENBRÖTCHEN – GERMAN EVERYDAY ROLLS