Simit, ein ringförmiges Sesambrot, ist überall in der Türkei zu finden, ebenso wie in anderen Ländern des Mittleren Ostens und im Balkan. Je nach Region, kommt es in verschiedenen Grössen vor, und kann sich auch in Kruste und Krume sehr unterscheiden. Einige Simit, mit Apfelsirup und Öl zubereitet, sind eher weich, und süsser, andere dagegen … Continue reading SIMIT – TÜRKISCHES SESAMBROT


Ring shaped sesame simit is very common bread in Turkey, as well as in other Middle Eastern countries and the Balkans. It comes in larger and smaller sizes, and, also varies in crunchiness and chewiness, depending on the region. Some are softer, made with apple syrup and olive oil, and some are crisp and lean.After … Continue reading SIMIT – TURKISH SESAME BREAD

Turkish Delight – Türkischer Honig

When I visited my cousin Uta in Delmenhorst/Germany, we went into a Turkish bakery with the most beautiful display I've ever seen. Everything was made on the premises, you could see the oven and the work bench, and a wonderful buttery aroma filled the air.To make a choice of the enticing selection of baked goodies … Continue reading Turkish Delight – Türkischer Honig


DOUGH4 eggs, separated100 g butter, softened 100 g confectioners' sugar, sifted100 g chestnut puree (I used canned chestnut puree)90 g pastry flour or cake flour (unbleached)30 g chestnut flour40 cake crumbs (I use ground ladyfingers)1/2 tsp. baking powderlemon zest, grated (1/2 lemon)100 g apricot jam, warm (strained, if chunky)FILLING500 ml whipping cream80 g confectioners' sugar, … Continue reading ÖSTERREICHISCHE KASTANIENTORTE – AUSTRIAN CHESTNUT TORTE

The Great Chestnut Hunt – Die grosse Kastanienjagd

When I was a child, one of our favorite September pastimes was the Great Chestnut Hunt. We found the glossy smoothness of freshly fallen chestnuts incredibly alluring, and turned into avid hunters and gatherers. Not satisfied with the chestnuts on the ground, we also through sticks into the trees to make more of the prickly … Continue reading The Great Chestnut Hunt – Die grosse Kastanienjagd