Multigrain Pitas and Pains a l'Ancienne - I bake them every week Hier geht's zur deutschen Version dieses Posts"Can you bake pitas, too?" Kathryn, the lovely owner of A&B Naturals, asked me one day. Their usual supplier wasn't available anymore. I had never made them, so I said with conviction: "Yes!"At least I knew where … Continue reading MULTIGRAIN PITAS – TASTY POCKETS


Hier geht's zur deutschen Version dieses Posts A light, fruity dessert seems rather enticing, when temperatures reach almost 90 degrees.The blueberries, raspberries and blackberries in our garden are still green - (and the poor little strawberries get "slugged" before they are ripe), but the supermarket has now berries in good quality - not that watery … Continue reading CLASSIC FRUIT TART