When I started my first blog, Google’s blogspot.com was a good choice. But, alas, Google (the company that promised to “do no evil”!) stopped supporting their Blogger app for newer Apple devices.

Trying to write or edit posts on my new iPad was fraught with frustrating snafus, and on my new iPhone my blog looked really weird. To avoid further damage to my teeth – frustrated gnashing wears them down – a new beginning was necessary.

Obviously, life had summoned me again, and time had come to part from Blogger, bravely and without remorse.

It is definitely a challenge to get familiar with the intricacies of WordPress, but it’s also fun! My older posts, transitioned from Blogger, might look a bit strange. Please, bear with me, I’m still learning how to maneuver my new site.

Since life may summon us at every age, be ready, heart, for parting, new endeavor, be ready bravely and without remorse to find new light that old ties cannot give. — Hermann Hesse


6 thoughts on “A NEW BEGINNING

  1. Congratulations on your new site! I look forward to your posts at your new cyber home.

    I have been missing a certain roll I ate all the time when studying in Linz for graduate school. I seem to recall they had pumpkin seeds and perhaps sunflower as well. I thought I would try your sunflower rolls to see if they are like those I ate. Of course, it is hard to replicate a vague memory of a roll!

    I wanted to try making my own flour using my new Mockmill to grind rye and wheat. Do you ever mill your own flour?

    I always look forward to your posts even though I simply lurk and read. And I admit I am jealous you have a copy of “Brot” and have no trouble reading in German. I only managed to pick up words for pastries and food while there because my classes were in English and went from 8 am to 10 at night with short breaks for lunch and dinner at local reataurants/kabob places or grocery store picnics. I still might have ordered “Brot” and muddled through but Amazon says it is no longer available.

    Alright, off to go do more milling research.

    Anne in the Pacific Northwest


    1. Thank you, Anne! Yes, I do mill grains, though not all the time. I have a Wondermill (pre-Mockmill purchase) Sometimes I can get rarer grains as whole kernels only, sometimes I just need a coarser grind.
      Please, do try the Sunflower Rolls. Of course, they will be different from the ones you got in Linz, but they are really good!
      And, please, let me know if you have difficulties translating a German recipe – I’m happy to help you with that.
      I’m still working on my new website, it’s quite a challenge to transition from Blogger to WordPress, but it’s fun, too.
      Happy Baking,


  2. Welcome, Karin Anderson…to my blog…Maja’s Viennese Kitchen/Maja’s Kitchen…..!!!! Alas….Wordpress has changed a lot as well…and I am still strugling with all the new changes…it seemed so simple years ago…but, no longer….Thank you for joining all my friends and me as I post stories and recipes of foods I love!
    Hugs to you….
    Maria Springer


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