"Can you bake pitas, too?" Kathryn, the owner of A&B Naturals in Bar Harbor, asked me one day. I had never made them, so I said with conviction: "Yes!" At least I knew where I could find a recipe! In "Whole Grain Breads", one of my favorite baking books, Peter Reinhart has a formula for … Continue reading MULTIGRAIN PITAS WITH SOURDOUGH


French Quarter, New Orleans Hier geht's zur deutschen Version dieses PostsBack from a mother-daughter trip to New Orleans, it's time for our monthly ABC baking again. Our April project could be right out of the French Quarter: cute little cheese stuffed loaves that look like mini volcanoes, overflowing with crispy bits of Gruyère.And, like every … Continue reading GRUYÈRE-STUFFED CRUSTY MINI BREADS


Hier geht's zur deutschen Version dieses PostsAmericans like their pancakes big and fluffy, with butter not only in the batter, but, also on top of them. I grew up with thin, crispy German Pfannkuchen, and can't get used to thick, doughy ones.Though pancakes are, in my opinion, the wrong place to go low fat, I … Continue reading OMI’S GERMAN PANCAKES